Raw Organic Cashews


$3.50 NZD



Raw Organic Cashews


$3.50 NZD

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As these Raw Cashews are Certified Organic no synthetic pesticides, herbicides of fertilizers were used in their growing. They have no added preservatives and are non GMO. Raw Cashews have a luscious creamy flavour and sweet nutty aroma. Delicious for snacking or added to muesli, raw food recipes, baked goods, salads and savoury dishes. Cashews’ fresh crunchy texture is softer than many other nuts, and blends to a rich smooth paste – perfect for sauces and dairy free nut butter, cheese and mylk.

Nutritional Information:

Serving size: 30 g
Average Quantity

Per Serving

Average Quantity

Per 100 g



694 kJ

5.4 g

2314 kJ

18.0 g

Fat, total

– saturated


– sugars

13.2 g

2.4 g

9.9 g

1.8 g

44.0 g

8.0 g

33.0 g

6.0 g

Sodium 3.6 mg 12 mg
Dietary Fibre 0.9 g 3.0 g


Raw Organic Cashew Nuts.
Preservative Free, Non GMO. Paleo.


This product contains Tree Nuts. May also contain traces of other Allergens.

Country of Origin:


How to Use:

Organic Raw Cashews are a scrumptious snack on their own or in a trail mix – combined with dried fruit and seeds. Add cashew nuts to muesli, smoothie blends or acai bowls. Raw cashews can be activated; or grind them to make yummy dairy free nut butter, cream, cheese or mylk – wonderful for vegans and in raw food recipes. Ground cashews are also great in pesto, dips and as a base for sauces; use it to replace peanuts in satay sauce. Toss cashews over salads, or add to stir-fries and curries. Cashews are a delicious addition to bread, muffins, cakes and desserts. Chop and lightly toast, before sprinkling over yoghurt or ice cream sundaes. For an irresistible treat, spread organic cashews on a baking tray, before drizzling with maple syrup, coconut nectar or honey. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake at a low heat until golden and delectable. Perfect for entertaining or a home-made gift.


Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended in warm climates.

Shelf Life:

Up to 12 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.