Blanched Almond Meal.


$2.90 NZD



Blanched Almond Meal.


$2.90 NZD

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This Almond Meal is made from delicious fresh nuts that have been lightly blanched to remove the outer skin, before being ground to a light meal or ‘flour’. It has a slightly sweet nutty flavour and aroma, and a finer texture than whole almond meal. This Blanched Almond Meal is preservative free, non GMO and has nothing artificial added. Almond Meal can be used in savoury and sweet dishes. It is scrumptious in baked or raw goodies, and can be used to replace flour in baking recipes. The finer texture of this blanched meal makes it ideal for shortbread and lighter cake recipes.


Nutritional Information:

Serving size: 30 g
Average Quantity

Per Serving

Average Quantity

Per 100 g



740 kJ

6.42 g

2468 kJ

21.4 g

Fat, total

– saturated


– sugars

15.76 g

1.19 g

2.63 g

1.39 g

52.52 g

3.95 g

8.77 g

4.63 g

Sodium <1 mg 2 mg
Dietary Fibre 2.97 g 9.9 g



Blanched Almonds.
Preservative Free, Non GMO, No Added Sugar. Paleo.



This product contains Tree Nuts. May also contain traces of other Allergens.


Country of Origin:



How to Use:

For breakfast Almond Meal can be added to smoothies, acai bowls and porridge, or sprinkled over muesli or yoghurt and fruit salad. This Blanched Almond Meal is great in raw foods and treats. Combine with seeds and sprinkle over salads or steamed greens; wraps and rice rolls; or use it in any raw sweet treat creation. Almond Meal, or ‘flour’, adds scrumptious flavour to baked goods. It can be used to replace grain flours completely in fabulous cakes, especially yummy with orange or chocolate. An extra egg or two may be required to bind recipes that have the flour replaced. Almond meal also works brilliantly with gluten free flours including quinoa and coconut flour. Try it in a pie crust for a tangy lime tart. Almond meal can be added to most cake, bread, muffin and biscuit mixes; the finer texture of this meal being ideal for shortbread or light sponge style cakes. Almond meal adds extra nuttiness to savoury dishes too. Mix a little into lentil or fish patties. Or combine almond meal with bread crumbs and grated cheese for a tasty au gratin topping for vegetables, pasta bakes and grilled seafood or mushrooms. It is also a lovely addition with rice for stuffed capsicum.



Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended in warm climates.


Shelf Life:

Up to 24 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.