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Reusable Paper Bag – Stand Up Pouch – Large


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SKU: 901716
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Feel like you keep throwing away Paper Bags? This is the paper bag that you can use then throw in the wash! Perfect for grabbing your bulk shopping, work or school lunches and carrying baked goodies. They are super light so easy to transport in your bag to use to replace single use packaging. Use to carry your café and bakery goodies, bring them to The Source to refill with bulk foods, or use as a lunch/sandwich bag. They are very easy to clean-just brush off the crumbs or throw it in the washing machine and it's good to go. They are made to last, so you can use them over and over again. 4 cups, 170x90x275mm
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energy -
protein -
fat total -
fat saturated -
carbohydrates -
sugars -
sodium -
dietary fibre -
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It is made from approximately 60% Cellulose, 30% Synthetic Latex, 4% ~ 6% water, 0.5% ~ 2% colour pigments, 0.5% ~ 2% chemicals. The paper used is accredited by Oeko-Tex (tests for harmful substances) and is also a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved product. 


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Country of Origin

New Zealand

How to Use

Care Instructions The reusable paper allows you to wash our Reusable Sandwich Bag hundreds of times on any cycle and temperature and it will be as good as new. Sometimes all it needs is a shake before the next use. Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off any marks or crumbs. The composition of the material makes the bags absorbent so they may soak up liquids or grease. You can also just rinse it in the sink if that's all it needs. When the time comes to give it a wash, just throw it in the washing machine with an unscented earth-friendly powder, then dry flat.

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