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Erythritol is a sugar alcohol and is made by fermenting yeast with glucose from corn. It is a natural sugar substitute that has almost no calories. Because of its low carb content, it is also suitable for those that are on the Keto diet. As it goes through the body unchanged, it also ideal for diabetics or anyone wanting to avoid sugar but still wanting the sweet taste as it does not spike blood sugar.
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Serving Size


Nutritional Information Per serve Per 100g
energy 4kJ 100kJ
protein 0g 0.0g
fat total 0g 0.0g
fat saturated 0g 0.0g
carbohydrates 0g 0.0g
sugars 0g 0.0g
sodium 0mg 0.0mg
dietary fibre -
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Erythritol 100%


No known allergens.

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Country of Origin



Store in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life

24 months, when stored as above.

How to Use

Erythritol can be used in place of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Suitable to sweeten hot beverages, it is also great when cooking. Erythritol is particularly good as a replacement for white sugar in baking recipes. Many people replace it at a 1:1 ratio with table sugar in a recipe. Depending on what you are making, however, you can add the sweetener in at a 1.25:1 ratio because it about 70% as sweet as sugar.

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