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Bamboo Charcoal Floss


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SKU: 901725
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A natural Vegan dental floss that is biodegradable, vegan and refillable. It is a very strong and durable floss so won’t break on your teeth. It is a slightly thicker floss which helps to remove plaque and bacteria from between your teeth. Many miles of plastic floss get thrown away every day, but as this floss is made of completely natural fibres, you are able to compost it at home. Made with natural bamboo charcoal fibres, Coated with candelilla plant wax and a natural mint flavour. You get 30m of dental floss per spool which will last up to 100 uses. The floss comes in a reusable glass container, so when you are done, you can refill with a refill pack, which comes in paper packaging. About Activated Charcoal Activated Charcoal is known as a natural way to whiten and remove stains from your teeth. It can help to reduce acid, prevent cavities, and improve bad breath. It can also cling to plaque which is in hard-to-reach places that a toothbrush generally can’t reach. The black colour also helps you see what you have removed, showing how effectively you have flossed.
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Bamboo fibre, Activated charcoal, candelilla plant wax and natural peppermint oil.


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How to Use

Get yourself a decent length of floss, around 30cms which will help you get a good grip and allows plenty of room to move between your teeth. Wrap it around your hands or fingers until you end up with a short section between both hands – this will help you control it. Gently slide the floss between the teeth. Curve it around the surface of one tooth so it follows the shape of the tooth and gently slips under the gum surface. Once you have the floss in between the tooth gently move up and down, in and out against the surface of one tooth. Switch to the other tooth. Curve the floss around the surface of the other tooth and do the same. Essentially you are just wiping or scraping the plaque off each surface of the tooth. Do between each tooth – don’t forget to do around the backs of the back teeth. Dispose of the used floss in the compost.

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