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Banana flour is a powder made from un-ripe (green) bananas. It has a texture similar to wheat flour and a mild taste. It’s relatively new to Australia, but it’s already getting a lot of attention due to its many health benefits, and its suitability for paleo and gluten free diets.

What are the benefits of banana flour?

  1. It’s perfect for gluten-free baking
  2. It tastes great!
  • 1. It’s perfect for gluten-free baking

    Banana flour has similar baking characteristics to wheat flour, but is 100% gluten free, which makes it a perfect choice for coeliacs, people with gluten intolerance or those trying to avoid wheat. You can substitute banana flour directly for wheat flour in your baking with great results, just remember you need about 30% less.

  • 2. It tastes great!

    Although it’s made from green bananas, banana flour doesn’t have a banana-y taste. In fact, it has a fairly neutral, earthy flavour that you can add to almost anything. Apart from gluten free baking you can use it to thicken sauces and soups, add to smoothies, sprinkle on your cereal or use in raw food treats.

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Banana Flour facts

Historically, banana flour was used in Jamaica and Africa as an alternative to wheat flour. It is now more often used as a gluten free replacement or as a source of starch.


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