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We are always looking for ways to further nourish our bodies to help give us the vitality and health we need to get through busy days. Knowing what to eat to get extra nutrition and diversifying our diet can be a challenge. Here at The Source Bulk Foods, we developed a unique product to help change up your meals and keep you healthy! Integrate this delicious ingredient into your weekly meal plan or within your favourite entertaining dish! Keep reading to find out more about this fantastic product and for free recipes to inspire you in the kitchen.
  • Looking for a way to add healthy goodness to your meals? Then get your hands on our NEW Organic Multigrain Rice! Exclusive to The Source Bulk Foods, it’s an in-house blend of Australian biodynamic brown rice, organic buckwheat kernels, red, black & green lentils, quinoa and black rice.

    You can serve it cold in salads, sushi, nourish bowls, wraps and more! Serve it warm as a base with dahl, stir-fry or hotpots. It’s the perfect side dish as you would rice or couscous alongside a grilled protein of choice or vegetables. For a quick meal, mix it with sautéed veggies, sesame seeds and tamari or try it with grilled Mediterranean vegetables, fresh herbs and crumbled feta cheese. Click here to find out more and how to use it.


    Vegan and gluten friendly
    In-house blend exclusive to The Source Bulk Foods
    A great alternative to rice that adds colour, flavour & nutrition to meals
    Certified Organic. Non-GMO. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
    Made with Australian grown rainfed biodynamic brown rice
    Adds extra colour, flavour and nutrition to a range of hot or cold dishes


    Get inspired in the kitchen with this tasty Pilaf with Tandoori Cauliflower Steaks recipe. It’s gluten-friendly, vegan, and bursting with flavour. Not only is this recipe delicious it also features our NEW Organic Multigrain Rice making it a wonderfully nourishing meal! Find this free recipe here and work this into your weekly meal plan or your next dinner with family or friends.



    This is a must-try 30-min meal recipe! Find this delicious gluten-friendly Tabbouleh & Grilled Tofu recipe from our website here. It’s a quick & easy plant-based meal that is a definite crowd-pleaser perfect for a Middle Eastern feast. This flavourful dish features our NEW Organic Multigrain Rice which adds extra vibrance, flavour & texture.


    A twist on the classic minestrone that’s perfect for warmer months. A healthy minestrone recipe that is tomato-free and loaded with vibrant greens, fresh basil and finished with the zestiness of lemon. This 30-minute one-pot recipe is quick, easy to whip up as a weeknight meal or for entertaining. Our NEW delicious Organic Multigrain Rice completes this hearty gluten-friendly dish. Serve with crusty bread and enjoy! Find this recipe here. 

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