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As the age-old saying goes breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and that’s no word of a lie, overnight our body still utilises energy to keep all our systems going. This Includes processes that cleanse our digestive system and strengthen our neural connections, preparing us for the next day of life. Food is fuel for our body and mind when we start our day with the right fuel we give ourselves the best possible start to the day. So what’s our favourite breakfast right now? Granola – a breakfast that’s versatile, delish and nutritious!
  • Granola offers an abundance of different flavours and textures to get your day started. (click here to see the great range of granolas we offer in-store). I like to think of granola as muesli’s fancier cousin, a new and improved take on a classic. Made to be jammed packed with superfoods and simple ingredients, granola is full of nutritious goodness. With nuts, seeds, coconut, ground linseeds and many more, granola provides a great range of vitamins, minerals, and essential omega 3’s for your morning.

  • Another great feature of granola – it’s a satiating food. Having a good amount of both protein and fibre, granola will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Fibre, beyond helping us feel full, is key to maintaining gut health. Our gut is the main gateway to the world around us, what we put in and how well we can process foods has a knock-on effect for our whole wellbeing.

    Fibre helps with the movement of food through our digestive system and works with our gut microbiota to promote the production of beneficial metabolites. These include SCFA’s (Short chain fatty acids), shown to be important in maintaining health by improving metabolism and inflammation.

    In New Zealand, it is recommended for adults to have between 25g – 30g of fibre per day. Many of us get less than half of that daily. Depending on the variety, granola offers around 5g of fibre per 100g (1 cup of granola). This gives us a delicious way to up our daily fibre.

  • Where most mueslis have oats as their base, granola’s offer better options including coconut or buckinis, making it perfect for those with particular dietary needs. Whether you are refined-sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb, paleo or keto, any breakfast enthusiast can find a cereal to suit their needs with granola!

  • Aside from its nutritional benefits, granola is one of the most versatile breakfasts out there. Whether you opt for a bowl with your choice of milk or yoghurt, top it with your favourite fruit, sprinkle it over your smoothie bowl, porridge or overnight oats, use it as a pancake topping, or bake it into a healthy breakfast slice. It’s perfect for adding flavour and boosting nutrients, or simply on its own. Granola doesn’t stop with breakfast either, it makes for a delicious healthy dessert. Try the cacao granola over yoghurt, or add our hazelnut fig and cardamom granola  for your next crumble topping.

    So switch it up, and get your day started great with granola.

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