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Are you looking for ideas on how to make Easter fun, without all the unnecessary waste? Look no further! These 5 tips are kid and Easter Bunny-approved!
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    Choose Unpackaged Easter Eggs

    This Easter, make a commitment to say no to plastic- or foil-wrapped eggs and unnecessary waste. Pop into your local The Source Bulk Foods to pick up our famous range of delicious unpackaged Easter eggs.

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    Get Crafty

    Speaking of eggs, why not organise a Good Friday activity for the kids and hand-dye some hard-boiled eggs? Use natural food dyes like coffee, turmeric, spirulina and purple cabbage.


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    Use What You Have

    Don’t be tricked into buying wasteful plastic Easter egg baskets. Look around your home; you might have a few baskets lying around collecting books or toys. If not, canvas bags work wonderfully.

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    Give An Experience

    If you’re trying to avoid your kids overindulging in chocolate this year, give them one of these zero-waste gift ideas: movie tickets, book-club voucher, seeds for the garden, gardening tools, swimming pool entry or dinner at their favourite restaurant.


Create The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Early on Easter morning, wake up and create a few footprints on the pathway with chalk or flour. Add a few clues or secret code leading them to the hidden eggs. Then, simply sit back and watch them enjoy your zero-waste Easter egg hunt!

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